My offers

The offer applies to people from young to old, whether stressed, overweight,

Diabetic, cancer, ADHD, epilepsy, MS, or any other autoimmune Diseases ... 

With the right diet you can achieve a better way of living and I'll help you reaching it! 


During an information call over the phone or via Videocall, I will give you a little insight into the individual diet change and how I will accompany you.

The first information meeting

approx. 15 min - 0 $

by phone or by zoom

Introductory meeting

approx. 90min - 200$

Here we can get to know each other to develop personal coaching based on your needs.


- Medical history & anamnesis

- Nutritional diagnosis

- Setting goals and planning the change in diet

- Recipes and information material

- WhatsApp/Facebook/Instagram accompaniment

   • Follow-up appointments

         - 30min - 65$

       - 60min - 90$


  • Package A

       Introductory meeting + 60min follow-up appointment / s

     260$ (30$ saving) 


   • Package B

      Introductory meeting+ 120min follow-up appointments

     330$ ( 50$ saving)