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My offers

The offer applies primarily valid for children who are already struggling with problems that make a carefree childhood difficult.


Whether stressed, overweight,

Diabetic, cancer, ADHD, epilepsy, MS, or any other autoimmune Diseases ... 

With the right diet your child can achieve a better way of living and I'll help you reach it! 


During an information call over the phone or via Videocall, I will give you a little insight into the individual diet change and how I will accompany you and your child.

The first information meeting

approx. 15 min - 0 $

by phone or by zoom to see if we vibe.


4 weeks - 300$

Im getting to know your child better and will explain the way of eating. Weekly video calls to support you on your journey.


- Medical history & anamnesis

- Nutritional diagnosis

- Setting goals and planning the change in diet

- Recipes and information material

- WhatsApp/Facebook/Instagram accompaniment

   • Follow-up appointments

         - 30min - 65$

       - 60min - 90$

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