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my name is Franzisca Nelson and I'm in my 30s, mom of two bright whirlwinds, trainer for several dance groups, love to make macramees and I enjoy spending time in the kitchen to conjure up new delicacies.


     In 2018, when I reached my 30th birthday, I decided to cut my hair short, that yoga should become an integral part and I wanted to get away from sugar. Said and done!

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Due to our family history with cancer and the fact of being a single mother who had aches and pains at the age of 30 that were not allowed to be, I wanted to reduce the sugar and banish it as best as possible. I knew that I was an absolut sugar junky and that it wasn't easy to escape this addiction.


I took part in a 30-day challenge that was without sugar or low in carbohydrates in general, in order to be catapulted from a withdrawal low into an energetic high in such a short time!



I was doing so incredibly well! 

my skin (acne) and dry skin got a lot better,


Migraines were history,


Water retention that I didn't know about was washed out,


• My ankle pain and chronic sinus inflammation I didn't feel anymore


• And besides, I lost 3 sizes,


• and a lot more!


So it was clear to me that in the future, even after the challenge, I continue to eat low carb (in my case ketogenic). Due to my positive change and enthusiasm, others around me became curious, tried it out and discovered it for themselves.

     In 2019 I played with the idea of ​​learning the whole thing in order to be able to bring it closer to other people and I stumbled upon training as a nutrition coach.


  The time had come in 2020. I successfully completed my training as a health and nutrition coach for low carb, low carb healthy fat and keto lifestyle at the LCHF Academy.


Now I am able to help other people to go through life more symptom-free.

LCHF Deutschland Akademie Zertifikat. F.Nelson
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